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Brianna’s Goals

Brianna’s ultimate goal is to compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics in  South Korea. To reach this goal, Brianna has a string of goals that include preparing and competing at international events. She may have an opportunity to compete in Germany during the 2011-2012 season.

To compete at this high-level of figure skating, requires a lot of time and a solid commitment. It also comes with an expensive price-tag. Along with ice fees and coaching lessons, there are expenses such as costumes, equipment, competition fees, strength training, ballet, off-ice classes and travel expenses. Team Brianna is accepting and appreciates all personal and corporate sponsors who are able to help her reach for the stars and realize her dreams.

Tax-deductible donations for Team Brianna.

Personal Sponsors

Team Brianna is working with the New England Amateur Skating Foundation (NEASF)to provide the means for tax-deductible donations. Please use this FORM to make your donation to NEASF for Team Brianna. NEASF will keep 2% of your donation for administrative purposes, but the rest will go directly towards skating expenses. Personal sponsors will be listed on her website, with their permission, so that she can show her full gratitude. They will also receive a newsletter that will provide information on Brianna’s progress in competitions and training.

Click here to get more information about the NEASF.

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate donations can be tax deductible if they are considered advertising. All corporate sponsors will be highlighted on Brianna’s website. In addition, Team Brianna will consider other methods for advertising our corporate sponsors.

NEASF is another available method for corporate sponsors to make a tax deductible donation towards Team Brianna. Corporate sponsors will also receive a newsletter that will provide information on Brianna’s progress in competitions and training.

Direct sponsorship donations can be made by mail, or in person.

To make direct donations, or for any other information concerning supporting Team Brianna, please send an email to



A special thanks to Grandma for her support and donations towards Brianna's training and skating goals. 

Thank you to Uncle Bob and Aunt Anita for supporting Brianna. We all appreciate your help.

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